Wingspan Extenders and Wingspan Extenders XL Installation Guide

Step 1 - Remove any arm cups from the arm cup mounting brackets on your cockpit

Step 2 - Orient the Wingspan plates in the desired mount position: forward, rearward, side to side, or angled. Using the slotted holes on the Wingspan Extenders, mount the Wingspan Extenders to your arm cup mounting brackets using the supplied M6 x 11mm bolts. 

  • Note: You can also use M5 bolts to mount the Wingspan Extender if required for your base bar 

Step 3 - Mount your arm cups to the Wingspan Extenders using the M6 x 10mm bolts. 

  • Note: If mounting TriRig Scoops to your Wingspan extenders you only need 2 bolts per arm cup for proper installation


We do not recommend using Wingspan or Wingspan XL on the Trek Speed Concept aerobar due to its smaller M4 threads