Kona 2014: More from Ironman Village
After catching their priceless look of shock at Interbike, I've decided to start a new series called 'The Faces of Flo.' This one might be called 'we need more sleep.'  The big dance is tomorrow! Enjoy a few more shots...
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Race Day at Ironman Hawaii 2011
As usual, Andy Potts was the first guy out of the water. Behind him, a huge chase group was riding hard to catch and overtake him. To no one's surprise, Lieto and Tollakson were at the front pushing the pace....
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Return of the Kings - the winners of Kona
This year, the winning bike rigs from Kona tell two wonderfully different tales, and what they mean is a big deal for the world of tri bikes. They show that two vastly different rigs, built with vastly different philosophies in...
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