Angled Spacer Kit Set of three


No returns on Angled Spacer Kits.

By popular request, TriRig is proud to offer the most comprehensive tilt spacer solution on the market. Our Angled Spacer Kit consists of three sets of spacers, at 10-degree, 15-degree, and 20-degree angles, respectively. They offer a range of features, including:

  • Aero shaping and minimal frontal area.
  • Slotted mounting point for maximum aerobar compatibility, 13mm to 27mm spacing.
  • Can be swapped right/left for stance width adjustment
  • M6 cup mounts, 20mm spacing
  • Four bolt sets included for maximum compatibility: M5 socket, M6 socket, M5 countersunk, M6 countersunk
  • Angles marked on one side of each spacer
  • Perfect on any TriRig Alpha aerobar ever made, also works with most aerobars
  • Sold as a complete set ONLY