Kiwami pt 3 - Kaiman
The Kaiman Of all the suits in Kiwami's lineup, the Kaiman was the one we most looked forward to reviewing. On paper, it looks like a great suit; it has a great cut, it's very pleasing aesthetically, and it has...
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Kiwami pt 1 - Amphibian
The Amphibian The Amphibian is Kiwami's purpose-built sprint suit. Kiwami makes bold claims about the fabric in this particular suit, saying that it is lighter and sheds water better than anything else out there. And they're not kidding. This stuff...
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Kiwami pt 2 - Trinergy
The Trinergy This suit is a puzzle. On the one hand, Kaiman has the Amphibian, a suit which makes certain sacrifices in the name of pure, unadulterated speed. The Amphibian has a rear zip, which we aren't too fond of,...
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