PRO RIG - Andreas Raelert's BMC TM01
Andreas Raelert is an exceptionally gracious person. He allowed TriRig to come in during his final pre-race ride, just before checking in his bike, and give me an exclusive interview and photo shoot with his BMC TM01 bike. And what...
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2012 Superbike Shootout
The pace of innovation has been increasing dramatically in the world of triathlon bike design. A flurry of brand new bikes have sprung up, especially at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. One of the questions I get most...
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One bike that has made a lot of headlines in the tri world is BMC's new TM01. The bike debuted at the Dauphine de Libere just prior to the 2010 Tour de France. The bike incorporates many of the aerodynamic...
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