Introducing the TriRig X-Series

Today is a big day, and I'll just get right to the point; we have some new product to show you, which is complete, in production, and for sale starting NOW. And we're not just launching one product ... we're launching THREE. It's a whole new lineup, collectively called the X-Series.

This is a big departure from what we've done in the past with our products. Previously, we showed you the concept, various stages of development, and kept you updated on production as products went forward. This time around, we kept things much closer to the vest; all this product has been secret until now.

These new products form a whole new range, which we're calling the X-series. THREE brand new products: Alpha X, Omega X, and Sigma X. These aren't merely updates to our existing product, they're entirely new platforms, designed from the ground up. They represent the best work TriRig has ever done, and we are incredibly proud and excited to show them to you.

We've also completely revamped the TriRig Store, to provide a better and more comprehensive way of organizing information about our various products. Each new product has its own minisite, complete with photos, installation information, aero data, and more. It's really everything you need. So we will keep this intro article short; rather than reiterate the info in those minisites, we'll simply link you to them. Below is an intro video along with some brief descriptions, and links to the store minisites:


Omega X: the Aero Brake Perfected

Omega X is a completely new brake, rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up to be better than its predecessor in every way. Aerodynamics are improved with the bolt-free magnetic front plate. Braking power is markedly greater with a new mechanical formula and redesigned Wedge. Installation is a breeze thanks to a host of new features that make installation errors nearly impossible. And the brake is compatible with standard mounts, Shimano Direct-Mount, and TRP U-Mount, so more athletes can use the brake, no matter what bike they're on. Read all about the Omega X and get yours in the new TriRig Store.

Alpha X: the Ultimate Aerobar

Alpha X is our finest product ever. It isn't merely a new bar, it's a complete cockpit solution, including the integrated bar/stem combo, aero-matched stem spacers, an ultra-low dust cap, and an online fit app that lets you fit the bar to YOUR bike. Moreover, it's insanely fast -- our wind tunnel testing showed that an Alpha X on an entry-level frame could actually outperform a superbike costing THOUSANDS of dollars more. Read all about the Alpha X and get yours in the new TriRig Store.

Sigma X: the Superstem

After we designed the Alpha X, we realized there was a lot of really cool tech we had developed that could be ported to a standard 31.8mm stem. So that's exactly what the new Sigma X is. It takes all of the integrated stem features of the Alpha X, and lets you put any bar you like on the stem. Read all about the Sigma X and get yours in the new TriRig Store.

We're incredibly proud of this new lineup, and we think it's going to make a real difference to a lot of athletes. Regarding our existing products: We will continue to sell our current Alpha bar, now called the Alpha Classic, for the foreseeable future. The current versions of the Omega and Sigma will be phased out, and they'll be available at a nice discount right here, while supplies last. We will of course continue to support any customers of legacy product, and maintain warranty supplies for everything.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you readers and customers who continue to make TriRig what it is today. I'm incredibly greatful that this is my job, and I can't wait to see what the X-Series will mean to the future of this company. Thanks for reading!