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Building the lightest bike possible

TriRig is proud to unveil the largest simultaneous product launch in the history of the company. Introducing the TriRig SL Series: five new super light products that might just change the way you think about building or upgrading your next pavement-faring bicycle.

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Mercury SL

At the top of the TriRig SL line sits Mercury SL: the long-awaited followup to our cult-classic weight weenie pedals. Mercury SL retains the ultraminimal design of its predecessor, but improves upon it in every way...

Omega SL

Say hello to Omega SL: our most refined brake ever. This is what happens when you take all the technology from 12 years of brake design, and whittle it down to the absolute bare minimum. Omega SL's skeletal design retains the robust mechanical formula of its big brother Omega One, but in a package that makes it the lightest production rim brake ever...

Pursuit SL

The dark horse of the SL lineup, Pursuit SL is the dream of the Everesting rider. It is the only bar/stem combo on the market with plain pursuit handles and no extra hardware. At 215g including the minimal titanium hardware, it's both exceptionally light but still extremely robust, with complex 3D surfacing that provides some aero benefit without any sacrifice to stiffness...

Control SL

TriRig's new Control SL is perhaps on the more niche end of the SL line, but easily the most subversive in its design. The Control SL is a pair of bar-end brake levers, with detachable bar-end shifters. They feature the strongest braking formula of any lever on the market, for exceptional power and control. Their ultra-minimal design is lighter than any other set of levers on the market (almost 100g lighter than Ultegra levers), and they feature fully-internal cable routing...

Styx SL

A favorite target for weight savings on bikes is the humble skewer. Our own Styx skewers strike a beautiful balance between robust function, bombproof durability, and low weight. But with the SL line, we wondered what would happen if we dialed the "low weight" of that equation up to 11. And the result is Styx SL. These skewers use the same dual-lock design of their predecessor...

The Original Build

When TriRig founder Nick Salazar set out to create the lightest bike ever made. The SL line was born. A series of components built to power the lightest weight bikes the industry has ever seen. Start your SL build today.

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