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With the caveat that UCI rules are constantly changing, as of 2022, the Alpha One and Omega One are both UCI legal. 

The only armcups we make that are UCI legal are the Mini Open Back. The Delta cover is NOT UCI legal.

All extensions, angled spacers, and hydration products are likely UCI legal but should be confirmed with the event organiser or UCI commissaires. 

Alpha One

for brands not listed below, please refer to our A1 compatability guide.

The Alpha One is compatible with the p5-3 and p5-6. On the p5-6, the front fairings may not work with it or will require some modification to fit.

The Alpha One is fully compatible with Cervelo p2 and p3 models, regardless of year.

The Alphe One is fully compatible with the P-series. 

The Alpha One is NOT compatible with the P5x, P3x, PX, or P5disc.

The Alpha One is NOT compatible with any Trek Speed Concept model except the first generation 7.0.

The Alpha One is fully compatible with all rim brake IA models. Note that on the IA4, IA3, IA2, IA1, or IA FRD, the top front fairing will need to be modified to fit. This usually means trimming off the bolt tabs and finding alternative means of securing it to the headtube/stem.

The Alpha One does fit on disc brake versions of the Felt IA, however the hydraulic brake cable routing has caused some issues during installation. The front fairings will once again need to be modified to fit the profile of the Alpha One's stem.

The Alpha One is compatible with all rim brake Specialized and S-Works Shiv Tri models. It is not compatible with the Specialized Shiv TT rim brake bike.

The Alpha One is NOT compatible with the disc brake Shiv Tri or Shiv TT.

The Alpha One will work with the Speedmax CF7 or CF8 models, but will not work with the Speedmax SLX models in either rim or disc brake.

The Alpha One is compatible with both rim and disc brake E-117 models.

The Alpha One is NOT compatible with E-118 or E-119 models in either rim or disc brake.

The Alpha One is compatible with all Quintana Roo triathlon bikes except for all PRSix models (rim and disc).

The Alpha One is compatible with the 2019 Trek Speed Concept

The Alpha One comes standard with our A1 Dragonfly

1079 grams.  This includes the bar, ergo cups, dragonfly, monopost, top cap, and 2 aero bar plugs

The stem cover is available on the website under the spare parts page here:

Cable routing through Alpha One is easy, straightforward, and hides cables from the wind. The brake cables route internally through the wing. The front brake cable exits the opening at the bottom of the bar, and you can route full housing or hydraulic line through the hole, or route bare cable via the included removable cable stop. The rear brake cable exits the back of the bar under the cable cover. Shifter cables or wires exit your extensions, and enter the stem cavity. They are then hidden under the cable cover, by entering the cable port just behind the Monopost. You can route all your cables and then hide them, rather than have to execute a convoluted routing operation with the cover already in place. Yes, the 5-port Di2 junction does fit in the stem cavity. It's a tight fit, but it works. The routing would be the same for mechanical cables, except that the shifter cables would not be taped to the back of the Monopost, instead taking a slacker route to the cable port behind the Monopost.

Cables and wires route into the stem cavity

The 5-port Di2 junction fits snugly inside

All cables, wires, and junctions tucked inside the stem

Di2 wires snugged up to the Monopost, for fully-hidden cables

When you purchase your Complete Omni Frameset, it now comes with Alpha One by default.

Yes, Alpha One is genuinely faster. Not by much. Our CFD studies show it to be about 7-8g faster on average (across a variety of stack heights and setups). This translates to a savings of about 1 Watt. In the wind tunnel, it is very difficult to detect a difference that small, reliably. It takes good CFD to really test differences this small. Alpha One vs Alpha X might look like a wash in the wind tunnel. Our goal with Alpha One wasn't to make a significant aero savings, as Alpha X is already a VERY fast bar. Our goal was simply not to make Alpha One slower than its predecessors, so that it wouldn't be a compromise to utilize its exceptionally-flexible fit system. And we succeeded. It's consistently faster than Alpha X in all the configurations we tested. The reason we were able to get away with a shorter airfoil section on the base bar wing is not a simple story to tell. Suffice it to say, we tried a LOT of shapes for the aerobar wing. Some were very deep, more like Alpha X. Yet the deeper wing sections did not make a faster complete bar. There are lots of little interactions where the wing meets the stem, transitions into the top and sides of the stem and Monopost, etc. The shallower 3-to-1 sections worked better at preventing those little interactions from getting messy and creating drag on this particular system.

Omega One Brakes

Yes. Every Omega brake is sold as a single unit. They may also be purchased as a set of two.

Yes. Every Omega sold includes hardware to mount it as either a front or rear brake.

Please see the compatibility page for general reference. If your bike isn't on this chart, check to see whether your bike uses a standard road brake caliper (Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo). If it does, your bike is probably compatible.

The short answer is yes. The Omega One brake was designed with a very wide range of adjustability, and is compatible with virtually every road bike rim on the market today. It can be used with traditional narrow rims (19mm), wide rims like Zipp Firecrest (27mm), and everything in between. And you don't have to modify your brake pads, because the Omega can open to 32mm when using full-size, 6mm-tall brake pads.

The Omega weighs 142g, complete with brake pads. Weight has not changed since the previous version. This is actual weight on our gram-accurate scale. It's a very light caliper.

Omega One brakes have passed the world's most rigorous braking safety tests, from CEN and CPSC, with flying colors. They are proven performers in both dry and wet conditions, both on the front and rear of a bicycle. They have been ridden down the steep descents of the Rocky Mountains successfully and without issue. Thay have more than enough power to lock up a wheel, and can modulate that power with ease, going from a light feather to a fast emergency stop with ease.

We've collected quite a bit of data regarding the Omega's prototype forms, using that data to improve the design along the way. It's truly a wind-tunnel-developed product. For all the data and our corresponding article on the original Omega, see the Omega White Paper.

Omega One is also the fastest brake we have ever developed. While it is not substantially faster than its predecessor, it is faster across all yaw angles by a small amount. And it achieves that feat while offering all of the other improvements over our earlier models such as improved strength and modulation, improved tire clearance, increased pad reach, improved weather sealing, and more. This is, truly, the pinnacle of aero braking.

Disc brakes are simply not optimal for triathlon or TT bikes. The move to disc brakes is, sadly an industry-forced change that does not materially benefit most athletes. Omega One is as strong as any brake on the market, with enough power to easily lock up your wheel, and modulation so subtle that you can easily control how much of that power to use. Moreover, no disc brake will ever be able to compete with the aero performance of Omega One, not only due to the caliper itself, but the addition of the disc rotor, and the extra spokes necessary to support it. In short, disc brakes are less aero, heavier, and no better performing. A properly-installed Omega One will outperform any disc brake on the market, full stop (pun intended).

Omega comes with everything you need to install the brake. Omega One Installation Instructions.

The Omega's integrated pad holders use full-size Shimano/SRAM-compatible brake pads. This means you can use any standard pad from SwissStop, Kool Stop, ENVE, Zipp, etc. Each Omega comes stock with Kool Stop Salmon pads, the industry-best pad for use on alloy rims. For carbon rims, we recommend buying SwissStop Black Prince pads from your local bike shop.

No. Toe adjustment was eliminated from the Omega for a couple reasons. First and foremost, eliminating toe adjustment allowed the brake to get slimmer by about 6-8mm, saving a significant amount of frontal area. Second, toe adjustment is usually unnecessary. Toe adjustment is an attempt to solve the (relatively rare) problem of pad squealing, which is caused by arm flex in the direction of the wheel's rotation. However, with stiffer brake arms, squealing usually isn't a problem, and the Omega's arms are some of the stiffest there are. From front to back, they have more material than most brakes, and therefore have very little flex.

The official answer is no. TriRig does not condone or recommend the installation of third-party pad holders, because the Omega was not designed to hold them, and therefore they may present a safety concern. It may be possible to mount a third-party pad holder, but you do so at your own risk.

Do NOT use a barrel adjuster with the Omega. This essentially deploys the brake, ruins the aerodynamic profile, and limits the brake throw. But the modern trend is for road bike rim widths toexceedtire widths, meaning you can remove the wheel without adjusting the brake stance, and so a quick release is unnecessary. For narrow rims, you have several options. First, you could simply set the Omega One wider than your tires, and use its long travel to allow braking performance and easy tire removal. On the other hand, if you want to keep your pads closer to the rim AND still use a large tire, you can either use the set screw adjusters to gain clearance whenever you want to switch wheels, or leave the brake as is, and simply deflate the tire when changing wheels.

Scoops / Arm Cups

Because of our proprietary bolt pattern, our scoops are compatible with most basebars. In fact we've never encountered a bike we couldn't install our scoops on. A select group of Trek Speed concepts will require our speed concept hardware. See our Trek Speed Concept FAQ below.

For certain Speed Concepts, you'll either have to purchase our Speed Concept Hardware or follow this video for a proper modification:

Closed Back Scoops provide additional support and control at the elbow. The allow for less forward/backwards movement. They are perfect for someone who likes the feeling of being locked in, in aero. They also do allow for a more relaxed grip on longer rides.

Open Back Scoops allow for more forward/backward movement. They are great for cyclists who favor lateral movement. Open Back Scoops will allow you to make minor adjustments to your position throughout your ride while still providing more than enough control when in aero.

The short answer: it's a matter of preference and both solutions will be a major upgrade to your existing scoops.


We offer a variety of shipping options for both US and international customers. Giving you the power to choose your transit time. You'll see multiple options on shipping times and prices that are calculated in real time based on your location.

Transit times are dependent upon the shipping option you select. In general shipping within the US takes 3-5 days of transit time, but this will depend on your shipping selection.

International shipment transit times will vary. This again is dependent on the shipping option you've selected.

On every order you'll receive tracking as soon as your order ships. We encourage you to follow along with shipping updates with the carrier you've selected.

We ship anywhere in the world. Typically international shipping goes smoothly with a few caveats.

You'll be responsible for Duties/Taxes when the order arrives in your country. Typically you'll be contacted by the carrier to fulfill their needs to have your order delivered. Often times that means you'll pay a fee / tax.

Imported product must typically clear customs. This process is completely out of our control and can take anywhere from a matter of hours, to a matter of weeks. What's most helpful for you is to keep yourself informed of tracking updates.

You'll receive tracking when your order ships from our facility. We have as much information as you do when it comes to tracking.

We also highly encourage our International customers to purchase shipping insurance at checkout. Because of the unpredictable nature of shipping overseas, its a small cost for peace of mind knowing you'll receive your order.

We highly encourage our internatioal customers to purchase Shipping Insurance at checkout. A small price to pay for piece of mind. If something happens to your order in transit, you'll be able to file a claim and undoubtedly receive your order.


Unless otherwise stated in an individual item description, all store items are subject to the following return policy:

• Items may be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date.

• Item must be in brand new condition, uninstalled with no blemishes and complete with all original materials and packaging. Item must be in resell-able condition.

• Please contact us, provide all relevant information about your order and the reason for the return. You will be issued further instructions for the return via email. Please include photos if relevant.

• All items accepted for returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. The balance of the purchase price excluding shipping will be refunded.

• If an individual item lists a deviation from this policy (such as no returns), then that deviation applies, and supersedes this return policy.

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