Wingspan Extenders
Wingspan Extenders
Wingspan Extenders

Wingspan Extenders

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Our Wingspan Extenders are tooled to perfection to provide even more customization to TriRig Products. Allowing you to position arm cups, extensions and other accessories with bike-fitting-like accuracy.

In a sport that favors even the most minute of adjustments, our Wingspan Extenders give you the percentage increase needed in comfort & fitting to unlock your full potential while on your bike. 

Includes: 2 Brackets and 12 x m6 hardware

Need Speed Concept Hardware add to your cart for compatibly 

Compatible with our Alpha One, and Dragonfly, as well as all of our extensions and scoops. Compatible with most accessories using m6 hardware.

Tooled from a single block of T6-6061 aircraft-grade aluminum.


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