Wingspan Extenders XL
Wingspan Extenders XL
Wingspan Extenders XL
Wingspan Extenders XL

Wingspan Extenders XL

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Wingspan Extenders XL: Endgame Arm Cup Adjustment

TriRig is happy to announce that our bestselling Wingspan Arm Cup Extenders now have a big brother called Wingspan Extenders XL. These plates allow you to augment the adjustment range of your aerobars, to put your arm cups virtually anywhere you could imagine.

And we didn’t invent them - you did. When we designed the original Wingspan Extenders, we intended them to be a way of adding stance width. But you (our customers) quickly showed us something we hadn’t considered, which is that they can be rotated 90 degrees and used to adjust reach as well. But they weren't always ideal in that orientation, depending on the hole pattern on your bar and cups.

So, Wingspan Extenders XL was born to solve that problem, and intended to be the endgame solution for arm cup adjustment. These new larger plates offer a broader range of adjustment, multiple hole patterns and alignment possibilities, and can allow you to hit almost any desired position you want. They’re also asymmetrical and reversible, so you can flip flop them for an even broader range of setup options.

All our Wingspan Extenders are tooled to perfection to provide maximum arm cup customization. Allowing you to position arm cups, extensions and other accessories with precision. When every millimeter matters, our Wingspan Extenders and Wingspan Extenders XL allow you to dial in your fit to unlock your full potential.

Our Wingspan Extenders and Wingspan Extenders XL offer universal compatibility and a broad range of adjustment, allowing you to get more comfortable and stay in aero longer. They are super easy to install and are a sustainable fix. Combined with our Alpha OneFull Line of Scoops, and Extensions, you will stay in aero longer than ever before.

Includes: 2 Brackets and M6x10 & M6x11 hardware. Compatible with any aero bars with M5 or M6 threading. For bars with M4 threads like the Trek Speed Concept, add our Speed Concept Hardware Kit.

Additional Questions? Please check our FAQ page and then don't hesitate to reach out to to speak to a TriRig expert.