Backwards Cages: a Triathlete's DREAM

You might think that when it comes to bottle cages, there's nothing new under the sun. "Seen one, seem 'em all" so to speak. But a little attention to detail here is definitely worth your time.

At TriRig, we're all about thoughtful, careful design, and bottle cages are no exception. We started our lineup with our original Kappa Cage, a no-holds-barred design that wraps your bottle in a solid wall of carbon 2mm thick. The result is the highest grip strength of any bottle on the market, bar none. It's perfect for rough roads, or any application where bottle launches would ruin your day. But we don't stop there. Little features like integrated zip-tie mounting holes let minimal athletes rig up bottles with ease, and long mounting slots ensure your bottle stays exactly where you want it.

But we've expanded the line with novel cages like Kappa Saddle SL, a cage that iinverts the usual structure and puts the retention tab opposite its usual location on the mounting rib. This means when Kappa Saddle SL is mounted behind your saddle, it fights gravity and helps prevent launches, while also making it easier to grab and replace the bottle while riding. Check out our entire hydrtation lineup in the TriRig Store, and stay tuned for more updates in this line.