Why LONG cups MATTER: TriRig Scoops

TriRig is the only company making an entire lineup of ultra-long ergonomic arm cups. Let’s talk about why that’s so important.

Long story short, the more supported you can be at the front end, and the more comfortable you can be in the aero position, the longer you’re going to stay there. A good rule of thumb is that for roughly every mile you stay in aero, you’ll go about ten seconds faster than if you had ridden that mile on your hoods. Over the course of an Ironman bike leg, riding in aero represents an advantage of nearly 20 MINUTES. That’s why we all ride these kinds of bikes instead of road bikes. That’s why the catchphrase “aero is everything” has become so popular.

But often, riding in aero is a battle of comfort versus speed. The more aero you get, the less comfortable you become. That’s why we created the Scoops lineup. Nine different cup types, to help you find the model that fits you the best, so that you’ll stay in aero longer, ride to the finish faster, and have your best race ever.

Let’s talk about the lineup. What the differences are between cups, and which one might be best for you. And before we get started, just know I’m going to put some graphics on screen, all of these graphics are on our website in the store listings for easy comparison.

At the beginning of the line we have Scoops Mini. These are more traditionally-sized arm cups, although still larger than what most bikes come with as stock. And like all our Scoops, they come in an open back AND a closed back version. They feature a fairly large surface area, with a curve diameter of 108mm. It’s a great one-size-fits-all cup, and a massive upgrade from any stock aerobar cup. The open-back versions weight 248g per pair, and the closed-back are 226g/pair, and those weights include these pads - our uniquely textured, perforated neoprene pads, which are fantastic for grip and sweat wicking, and also extremely comfortable.

Next up, Scoops Carbon are based on the same shape as Scoops Mini, designed around a 108mm diameter arc which is a great universal size, and they’re made with carbon fiber for increased stiffness. They’re 402g per pair open-back, 418g per pair closed back, and that includes our textured neoprene pads. You can see on my arm there’s still quite a bit of room on these cups. I’m about 150lbs, and these will still work for me, but I prefer some of the snugger cups down the line. If you really aren’t sure which size Scoops are best for you, or you’re a rider on the larger side, Scoops Carbon is probably your best choice.

Moving over to Signature Scoops. This is often where I point the average rider who is interested in the idea of a more supportive cup but doesn’t know where to start. We designed Signature Scoops to be more affordable, more supportive, and more comfortable than anything else on the market. The 95mm diameter arc shape works really well with most athletes’ arms, maximizing the contact area between you and the bike. This is the essence of what Scoops are all about. The more you can get in contact with the bike, the easier it is to control, especially with our textured neoprene pads. 365g per pair for Open-back, 438g per pair for closed back, including those pads. Again, on my 150lb frame these are a great fit, not too snug or too loose. A very goldilocks shape for most people. I often set these up on my personal builds.

Now we come to Scoops SL. These are our most race-oriented shape. The cups are designed around an arc of 87mm, they’re pretty snug on my arms, and I’m a 5-foot 8 150lb frame. So for leaner riders, smaller riders, these will give a very nice locked-in feeling. The whole point of Scoops is to maximize the surface area where you contact the bike, both for comfort and for control, making it more likely that you stay in aero longer. They’re 338g per pair open back and 384g per pair closed back, including our lovely textured neoprene pads.

Scoops SL also has this variant, Scoops Ultimate SL, which takes the Scoops concept to its ultimate conclusion, supporting your entire forearm all the way up to the wrist, then terminating in a short extension plug which lets you dial in the exact reach, roll, and angle of your shifter placement, giving you that custom arm cup function but with TriRig’s signature adjustability and elegance. They have the same shape as Scoops SL with an arc diameter of 87mm, and they clock in at 676g per pair including pads. I put Scoops Ultimate SL on all of my race bikes, because there’s simply nothing better.

So that’s the Scoops lineup. We also offer a number of great supporting products like our Angled Spacer Kits, BTA Riser, and 3-in-1 Polymount, to help you round out the front end just perfectly. Thanks for reading - see you next time!