Dephion Performance: Diamondback Andean 'Two Face'

Dephion Performance: Diamondback Andean 'Two Face'

The Diamondback Andean is an eye-catching bike, to say the very least. It is a beautiful and full-throated expression of what a designer can do when the UCI design restrictions are lifted. We've detailed a few things from Diamondback, but this gallery is without a doubt the most beautiful one we've ever seen of the Andean.

This bike was built by the team at Dephion Performance, a group with a special place in our heart, ever since they called me a God-level triathlon geek. But they have some very real qualities to offer beyond abject flattery. Specifically, the Dephion guys do a lot of custom tri bike builds, and take beautiful pictures of them. Their work is meticulous, detail-oriented, and beautiful, both on the mechanical and photographic sides. From time to time, the Dephion guys send me photos to show what they've accomplished. I'll sometimes bounce those to facebook, sharing an image here and there. But this time around I felt we just had to post the whole gallery so everyone could enjoy. This Andean is called 'Two Face' like the Batman villain, on account of its bifurcated paint scheme.

This Andean features an Alpha One + Gamma One up front, Beta + Kappa for rear hydration, a Dash Stage.9 saddle, and a SRAM Force 1x drivetrain. I asked the Dephion guys to describe why they like using TriRig products in so many of their builds, and their response was stunning (and I promise no bribery or other incentives were involved).

Here at D-Bikelab by Dephion Performance we use Tririg's products for one simple reason: they make any of our builds better: functionally, aesthetically and performance wise. We've always appreciated Tririg's minimalist approach.

We've helped our customers turn basic to mid-range rigs into super clean uberbikes many times just by using a couple of Tririg products and some minor customization.

Tririg's Alpha One is a bikefitter's wet dream and simply the best aftermarket aerobar in the business.

I think the Omni Bike is the epitome of Tririg's minimalist approach and obsessive attention to detail. We have to deal with superbikes on a daily basis in our workshop and they're generally a pain in the ass to work with. The Omni is the complete opposite. This rig is so well thought out it's hard to believe it's been designed by a small company and not some huge corporation.

-Dephion Performance

As for some of the more subtle details: the base bar and extension are wrapped in ODI Ergo Aero Bar grips, custom-tailored for the eTap blips. The BlipBox is hiding under the Dragonfly of the Alpha One, a nice trick we've done on other builds to keep the thing completely hidden from the wind but still easily accessible. The front hydration is a modified Specialized Fuelselage, used for concentrated nutrition. Front wheel is a Venn Var 77 tubeless clincher laced to a Hope RS4 hub with DT Aerolite spokes. Tires are new gen 2 Vittoria Speed G+ 2.0 TLR. Doesn't get much better than this!

Thanks to the gentlemen at Dephion Performance for the kind words, beautiful photographs, and the permission to reproduce them all here. If you are a gear-obsessed triathlete living in Spain, be sure to look them up at And regardless of where you live, definitely check out their review of Omni and Alpha One. And to get your own gear, head to the TriRig Store!