High Hands Problems? We've got the answer

Hey everybody, Nick from TriRig here. One of the most common questions athletes think about when working on their tri bike fit is tilt. Should I tilt my hands up? How much? How do I do it?

Some bars have a little bit of integrated tilt function, some don’t. Some methods are easy to implement, some aren’t. But whatever your setup, sometimes you run into mismatch between your cups and your chosen extensions. Let me give you an example. On this Alpha One aerobar I have our Scoops SL arm cups set up with our Gamma 115 extensions. These are great extensions, and provide 115mm of rise, so they definitely get your hands a bit higher. But, if my cups stay flat relative to the extension, I’m not going to get the benefit of all that surface area under the cup, with my forearm tilting up so high. I’d ideally like another 10-15 degrees of tilt JUST under the cup.

That’s where one of our clutch little solutions comes into play. This is our Angled Spacer Kit. It comes in a set with three pairs of spacers, at 10, 15, and 20 degrees. Slotted mounting holes means it works on just about every aerobar on the market, and it’s meant to go right under your arm cups for situations just like this one. I’m going to add the 15-degree spacers under my cups.

Now the cups are at a better angle for these Gamma 115 extensions, putting my arms in the perfect position. Using the Alpha One, I can further adjust the tilt wherever I want it with the broad 20-degree range provided by the bar.

Generally, bike fit is a process of iteration, of trial and error, and testing. Bike fit is all about finding that position where you’re comfortable, powerful, and aerodynamic, all at the same time. Little tools like this are part of how you get there.

Get yours now in the TriRig store. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.