Raising the Bottle: TriRig's BTA Riser - TriRig
Where to put a bottle when your arms are narrow? Lots of athletes have struggled with this question, and we have a tailor-made solution just for you. If you ride an arms-together position but don't want to give up the...
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What's the V1? - TriRig
Just a quick note today going over an aspect of our Alpha One aerobars that has caused a little bit of confusion. The heart of the Alpha One is the Dragonfly. It’s the part right above the Monopost. And it's responsible...
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The ONLY Aerobar that Checks ALL the Boxes - TriRig
Hi everybody. Nick here, and today I want to walk you through perhaps our most important product: the Alpha One aerobar. This bar, more than anything else we sell, makes a real, tangible, measurable difference to how athletes perform, and...
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