Delta - Compatibility


Delta is designed to work with the broadest possible range of bikes, but it does have some limitations on where it can successfully be installed. Please read ALL of the information below carefully. Your rig must meet all of the below criteria in order to be compatible with Delta. Due to the trim-to-size nature of the product, we do not accept returns for Delta.

Frames/Forks: Delta is designed to work on frames with standard head tubes, and forks with standard rim brake mounts. This includes bikes like the Cervelo P2/P3, Orbea Ordu OMP, Quintana Roo PRFive/PRFour/PRThree, and many others. It will also work with some bikes that require use of the DM adapter, like the Specialized Shiv Tri and Shiv TT. It will not work on bikes with extended head tubes like the Felt IA, the Diamondback Serios, or bayonet-style forks like those on the Felt DA, Speed Concept, or Quintana Roo PRSix.

Stems/Handlebars: Delta's Topper is designed specifically to mate with our own Alpha One aerobars or Alpha X aerobars. The holes at the top of the Topper receive set screws that act as retention pins, just as the aero spacers on Alpha One and Alpha X. While it may be possible to use Delta with a standard stem or a third-party bar, we cannot guarantee compatibility with anything other than TriRig cockpit products just mentioned. Use on a third-party product may require some DIY work on the user's end end, or an additional fastener to keep everything from falling forward.

Brakes: Delta is meant to cover our TriRig Omega brakes, inclusive of all versions we have made to date. While it is possible that it could work with other centerpull brakes, we do not guarantee compatibility with anything other than TriRig Omega brakes.

If you have any questions about compatibility with Delta, please contact us before purchasing.