Beta - Installation


Beta is very straightforward to install, and does not require you to alter the tilt or offset of your saddle. First, loosen the two M5 socket screws that affix the Ritchey saddle clamp to its rail in the seatpost. These are the two bolts in the upper-left of the diagram. Then, slide out the small aluminum rail that sits in the seatpost (not pictured) - the Beta rail will replace it.

Then, reassemble according to the diagram above. The Beta rail offers multiple sets of threaded holes in order to adjust the position of the saddle clamp as well as the Beta mount itself. Once you have installed Beta to the desired position, plug any unused side-address holes with M5 Button Head screws. Six screws are included with each Beta sold, and more can be sourced at any local hardware store if needed, or are available via TriRig Support.

Beta is designed to work perfectly with our new Kappa cages for maximum bottle retention and zero bottle launches.