Content Usage Policy

Unless otherwise stated, all content and images are © Nick Salazar and TriRig LLC, all rights reserved. That means that in general, unauthorized usage of any content is prohibited, and constitutes a violation of copyright.

However, we do authorize some limited use of our content. You may use one or two images from TriRig on your own website/blog, as long as the following rules are followed:

1. Any image(s) used must be unmodified, MUST retain any TriRig watermark on the image, and the watermark must be visible on your page. No cropping, alterations, or other derivative works are permitted.

2. You must provide a link back to anywhere you use our content.

If you want to use more than one or two images, or if you want to reprint a substantial portion of the text of an article, you must contact us to obtain permission. All unauthorized reproduction of our content or images is strictly prohibited.