Gamma - Installation

Installation Guide

Notes for cutting carbon:

  • If you are not familiar cutting carbon fiber tubing, consult your local bike shop. We recommend a hacksaw blade with a minimum of 32tpi, and wrapping the extension in masking tape before making the cut, in order to prevent fraying.
  • The diameter of the extensions is only controlled for a few centimeters on each end. Once you cut the extensions, you may need to ream the inner diameter in order to insert your shifter plug. This can be accomplished with a Dremel or other rotary tool using a large sanding drum or grinding drum. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of procedure, consult a bike shop.
  • TriRig will not be responsible for any damage caused by the user.

Compatibility Information


Gamma extensions have an industry-standard 22.2mm outer diameter. This makes them compatible with almost all aerobars on the market. Anywhere that you can use extensions from 3T, HED, Bontrager, Zipp, etc, you can also use Gamma.

Shifter Compatibility

Our Gamma extensions work with all standard mechanical or electronic shifters on the market. However, the internal diameter is only controlled for 80mm on each end. Therefore, after cutting your extension to size, it may be necessary to ream Gamma's inner surface to insure that there is enough clearance for your shifters. Consult a qualitied bike shop for this operation. TriRig will not be responsible for user-damaged extensions.