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  • The gold standard,
    in aero brakes

  • New bolt-free
    magnetic Front Plate

  • Stronger braking formula,
    easier installation

  • Easier pad-level

  • Aero at every angle

  • Direct-Mount Compatible

  • Back Plate Options

Omega X: Aero Braking Perfected

Since its introduction in 2012, the TriRig Omega has been the first name in aerodynamic brakes. The all-new Omega X is a completely updated version, hideing from the wind with its tiny frontal profile and centerpull cable routing, and delivers exceptional aero performance. The new Omega X improves on every aspect of the original, with a host of new features to completely redefine the popular Omega platform. It's compatible with more bikes than ever thanks to its universal Shimano Direct-Mount and TRP U-Mount adapter. The Omega X retains the great features of its predecessor, like wide-rim compatibility and easy pad stance adjustment, while improving every aspect of performance and being even easier to install and adjust.

Industry Feedback

"When we tested the original Omega, we called it the best mechanical brake we had ever ridden, bar none. The new Omega X has been made better in every aspect. TriRig has produced the brake that sets the standard for how an aero brake should be."
-Mike Longin ,

"TriRig's Omega X brake is powerful, light, aerodynamic and very easy to adjust. That's pretty much all you need to know."
-Tom Ballard ,

"The Omega X is chock full of what we'd like to call 'How is it that EVERY ______ (insert name of part) isn't made this way??' The Omega X is a brake to consider for any bicycle that you own... That goes for road or tri bikes!"
-Geoff Nenninger , Triathlete Magazine

"It's got to be deflating for a mainstream component maker to have a customer immediately pull its parts off a newly purchased bike, replacing it with an aftermarket brake caliper. Yet, this is a common practice and it tells you something about the utility and desirability of TriRig's Omega X."
-Dan Empfield ,

"There is an immense level of real-world practicality that has gone into the X-Series. Impressively, all that workable adjustment range is made and or improved while keeping the tenets of a clean aerodynamic presentation a key design priority."
-Jay Prasuhn , Lava Magazine

New Features (See all)

New Magnetic Front Plate

The new Omega X improves further on its industry-leading aerodynamics by eliminating two bolts, and also makes for much easier installation and maintenance. Access to the brake's internals is a snap, literally!

New Wedge/Lever geometry

...improves braking performance and eases installation. The wedge returns the levers to center more easily, and the new "home" position on the Wedge makes for an initial bite that takes up more cable, meaning less travel for initial pad contact, and allowing for wider pad stance widths without a loss in power. Improved lever strength and a higher cable pull ratio also contribute to increased braking performance.

Direct Mount Adapter

Thanks to our universal adapter, the Omega X is the first brake with compatibility for Shimano Direct Mount, TRP U-Mount, AND traditional single-bolt mounts. That's right, the Omega X completely replaces both the Omega Standard and Omega SV, and adds extra compatibility with the new suite of tri bikes built around the Shimano standard.

Easier Installation

All operations with the new Omega X are significantly easier and more foolproof on all bikes, including bolt-on brake mounts like those found on Cervelo aero bikes. Fewer bolts, fewer operations, and fewer chances for user-error mean that all athletes can enjoy the full performance benefits of a properly-installed Omega X.

And of course, Omega X keeps everything that made the original version so great. Read about the brake's features in depth, right here » All Features.

Omega has been trusted by Ironman-winning triathletes and ridden to victories around the globe. It's been selected for the Tour de France and ridden by professionals who rely on its absolute dependability and aerodynamic performance. And it has become a favorite for elite and amateur triathletes everywhere. The Omega X is everything the original was, plus a whole lot more.