Matt Russell + Omni in the Wind Tunnel
Matt Russell has recently come on board with TriRig as a sponsored athlete. For 2019, he is going to ride basically everything we make. The super-meticulous pro has chosen our products to help make him as fast as possible on...
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The MORF Tech Omni Build - TriRig
We have seen MORF Tech develop their unique articulating bars for some time now. They have taken their time to perfect the product, and it shows. Last year at Interbike, we got an up close look and tried to give...
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Cleaning up the Speed Concept
We're all about the cool toys over here at TriRig, especially the custom-made ones. Today we've got something to show off that's pretty snazzy, if I may be so bold. It's a custom-designed, CNC-machined piece of hardware that improves upon...
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