TriRig’s Gear for Triathletes Found at Highest Levels of Competition

New owners launch updated website for products that combine elegant design, beautiful form and function

Originally an equipment review site for triathlon gear, TriRig has evolved into a leading manufacturer of equipment that has made its way into every level of competition, from local sprints to the Ironman Hawaii World Championships and the Tour de France. The website,, has recently undergone a major update under the company’s new owners, Ben Castleberry and Kevin Sloan, who purchased TriRig from founder Nick Salazar.


Beginning with its breakthrough Omega brake, the cleanest, most aerodynamic, and most functional brake ever made for any Tri, TT, or road bike, TriRig continues to innovate new products every year. Castleberry and Sloan have invested a large amount into the business in pursuit of an aggressive growth plan. Salazar remains with the company, helping with product innovation.


“Our products have a reputation for their elegant design, beautiful form, and brilliant function. All the products we sell are made with the same attention to detail that has always made TriRig unique,” said Sloan.


One of TriRig’s most popular products used by athletes around the world is its Omni bicycle, built after thousands of hours of design with the triathlete in mind. The Omni bicycle was built from the ground up with perfect fit, superlative aerodynamics, and class-leading usability in mind.


One customer said about the bicycle that “The TriRig Omni is the cleanest bike design I've ever seen. The design takes everything into consideration including the person riding it and working on it. It's refreshing to see so much thought packed into a single bike.”


Another purchaser commented, “The Omni is a big win in industrial design and it ticks off and delivers every feature you could conceive having in a tri bike.”


Each product on the TriRig website has extensive information on the design, aerodynamics, and performance.


“We want to help educate readers, not only about the equipment itself, but about the philosophy behind its design. Ultimately, we want to make our readers more intelligent consumers and more competent athletes,” Sloan said.


TriRig sells to consumers directly worldwide. The company does not use dealers or distributors.


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