Amazing Age Grouper Rigs

This very slick P3 could be mistaken for a P5, especially with its custom-made front fairing, perfectly hiding our Omega X brake and integrating with our Alpha X aerobars!

TriRig has been fortunate to have some very passionate and detail-oreinted customers tricking out their rigs with some of our our products. Here are a few age-grouper rigs that our customers have been kind enough to show us in the last couple weeks. Some are brand new rigs like some cutting-edge Omni bikes, and one is old enough as a decade-old Cervelo P3 frameset, completely tricked out with Omega X, Alpha One, and Delta front cover to completely bring it into the modern era.

Check out the gallery below, and head to the TriRig Store to upgrade your own rig! Thanks for reading!