Minimal Design for Maximal Athletes

Tririg creates outstanding and innovative products which enable athletes around the world to meet their individual definition of success.


We believe that everyone is positively impacted by great leadership. We believe leadership is not based upon a position but is a way of life. We believe true leadership starts with oneself and embodies empathy, courage, loyalty, discipline, and always looking to serve others.


We believe that passion leads to action. We believe that caring about our impact leads to happiness and success. When we care about something we put immense focus and energy toward it. When we love what we do, love our relationships, and love ourselves, we maximize our positive impact on the world.


We believe problem solving is paramount to progress. We believe in being creative and proactive in solving and uncovering underlying problems. We believe many problems can become opportunities to improve and that our true character is revealed when problems arise.


We believe focusing on progress pushes individuals to reach their true potential. We are never satisfied with our status quo and confident we can always improve. We believe in pushing limits and competing against ourselves to see continual progress.

Triathalon Bike Components for the Aero Minded

Setting the standard of excellence in aero design since 2009

Nick looking at tririg products
Fast Forward™

For over a decade TriRig founder Nick Salazar has set the standard of excellence for aero design. We still pedal to his cadence, moving the crankshaft of creativity & performance Fast Forward™.

Minimal design, maximal athletes™

Working hand in hand with elite triathletes to create what TriRig has become well known for:

Minimal design, for maximal athletes™.