Doppelgangers on the Queen K

Doppelgangers on the Queen K

Caroline Steffen Doppelganger » At first glance, we thought this was Caroline Steffen. But the position looked too high, and some equipment was incorrect for Steffen's sponsors (although that in itself wouldn't be a huge thing, as athletes sometimes change sponsors at this time of year). But when we zoomed in on the bike's name badge, we saw this bike belonging to age grouper Janine Willis. Good luck on Saturday, Janine!

A mirage is an optical illusion sometimes seen in the desert, making water appear to show up in the middle of hot ground. Kona is lush, and not at all a desert - but we saw some optical illusions here all the same. Three athletes out on the Queen K made us do a double take. Have a look and tell us what you think!