Felt Launches the All-New IA

This is the brand new Felt IA bike. It's the first bike to get Felt's new FRD ('Felt Racing Development') designation, which represents the very best and most expensive equipment the company is capable of creating. It's made using top-shelf Oxeon TeXtreme carbon fabric to lower the frame's weight without compromising stiffness or ride quality. There are a number of unique features on the IA, described in the captions in this gallery. Have a look and see what this bike is all about.


Felt has just gone all-in on the tri market, releasing a brand new model called the IA. This 'Integrated Aero' bike has massive frame members, internal storage, integrated brakes and bars, and a radical new seatpost design that promises greater comfort on the bike. The IA is the first bike from Felt that truly embraces the concept of an integrated design. The aerobars, stem, brakes, and on-frame storage units are now completely proprietary and unique to this bike (along with, as usual, the fork, seatpost, and headset). The aero chords created by the frame are easily the longest on the market, and promise to be extra slippery in the wind. This gallery (and the detailed image captions) contain all the ins and outs of this brand new mean machine. Enjoy!