Fix It Sticks launches Tire Lever Accessory

One of my favorite tool startups, Fix It Sticks, has been quietly expanding their line of accessories for their clutch home and road tools. One of the latest of these is a tire lever add-on to their versatile little tool. The molded plastic cap snaps on to the end of their replaceable edition tool, giving you a nice robust on-the-go lever that doesn't take up much space at all in your bag, but provides a nice mechanical advantage and steel-core strength (on the handle, not the lever end itself). There's not a ton to day here, other than that it's an easy and useful solution to a common road need.

Interestingly, Fix It Sticks has been been expanding to other industries, and has a series of torque-limiter add-ons built for the gun market. These are available at limits of 25, 45, and 65 inch-pounds (about 2.8 Nm, 5 Nm, and 7.3 Nm) - not terrible, but not exactly corresponding to the typical torque limits for many bike parts (except that 45 inch-pound one, which is a near-perfect swap for a 5 Nm limiter, and would be super handy). I'd love to see Fix It Sticks make some more round-number Newton-Meter limiters for the sticks, which would be incredibly handy both on the road and in the shop. And I have no doubt that if they heard enough demand from tri geeks like me, they'd go that route.

Fix It Sticks is a fun, nimble company, and I always look forward to seeing what they're up to. You can snag all their goods directly from their web store.