Review: Hyperice Hypervolt + Vyper 2.0 Massagers

Hyperice Hypervolt + Vyper 2.0 Massagers

We've gone down a bit of a rabbit hole recently. A percussive massager rabbit hole, specifically. After surveying the market, we had a hard time settling on one unit to review, and ended up doing a shootout of three such units. The final conclusion was that the top-end unit, the Theragun G3PRO, was far and away the best, but perhaps overpriced. We figured there had to be a market gap where lower-priced competition could come in.

Since then, a little further investigation revealed that, in fact, that competition already exists. So down the rabbit hole we go again. This time, we are reviewing just one unit, the Hyperice Hypervolt. Why the weird name? Well, Hyperice is a company that originally sold cold-pack compression therapy devices. And it still does. But a couple years ago, they got into the percussive massager game, and the Hypervolt is their offering. They also make a spate of other interesting products, including the Vyper vibrating roller, also included in this review.

Before we get to the main course, however, let's take a look at another interesting product Hyperice makes.

Vyper 2.0

Along with the Hypervolt, Hyperice sent a vibrating foam roller unit, called the Vyper 2.0. Hyperice actually makes another vibrating product too: a ball called the Hypersphere. Ball, roller, or massager, all three have similar functionality. They let you push things into your muscles, and vibrate while doing it. Originally, we were only going to review the Hypervolt, but upon looking at the full product line, thought Vyper would be a really nice addition to the review.

Impressions of the Vyper were initially somewhat mixed here. Jeremiah loved it straightaway. Personally, I'm a bit more hesitant when it comes to shorter-length foam rollers. I really prefer the longer 3-foot versions. Aside from the length though, there's really nothing to fault. It's a VERY firm foam (which I like), likely to last quite a while. It's even firmer than the usual black foam rollers you find in stores - likely because it is made of more solid materials to house the vibration unit. The 3-speed vibration is strong and effective. It really does seem to help add that extra something to your foam rolling, helping muscles slide around, helping you to remove adhesions and whatnot. The Vyper 2.0 comes in five colors, and while I'd prefer it came in a couple different lengths instead, that would probably require some re-engineering of the vibration mechanism. If you're cool with a short roller, this thing is likely to impress. But even as is, it's a very nice product.

However, at $200, what you have to ask yourself is whether you should just shell out a little more and get the Hypervolt at $349. For me, the answer is a definite yes. The Hypervolt is awesome, as you'll see on the next page. But if you're a die-hard foam roller, this definitely offers a nice upgrade from your usual foam-only version.

Ok, that's basically the long and the short of the Vyper. Let's get down to brass tax with the Hypervolt. Hit the jump for all the goods.