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Inside Felt Engineering

Inside Felt Engineering

Anton looks over a flow simulation of the new IA frame.

Engineers » Felt engineer Anton Petrov is one of Felt's top modelers, shown here with the CAD file of the new IA. Petrov tells us that the CAD model for the frame alone is built from over 2500 surface features. It would be fewer, but the inside surface is modeled separately (so Felt can finely control wall thickness everywhere on the frame). And that's just for the first size - much of that work must be repeated for the other sizes.

We've written before about Felt's headquarters in Irvine, California. But the company continues to impress with the real depth of their engineering and design prowess. This year at their annual media presentation, they worked hard to communicate a bit more about exactly how they design bikes, and the brain power that goes into that process. What they had to say wasn't just something I think my readers will enjoy; it's stuff that I think is important to this industry. Felt is a company doing things right. They're pushing our industry forward to ever-higher echelons of performance, and it's a beautiful thing to see firsthand. Enjoy this gallery of the inside scoop at Felt HQ.