Kona 2019: Ironman Village Race Expo

Ironman Village Race Expo

Tony Kanaan's Trek Speed Concept » Tony Kanaan is a famous Indycar racer who made a big splash in the tri world back in 2010 when he linked up with Trek and Retul to get a bit more serious with what he describes as his triathlon 'career.' Although he remains a professional Indycar driver, he sometimes jokes that Indycar 'gets in the way' of his triathlon racing. As long as we've known him, he's been riding the Trek Speed Concept, and working with famous fitter Mat Steinmetz to keep him optimized and race-ready. He's riding Mat's 51-Speedshop extensions and cups on the front end of his Trek rig.

Lots of goodies from the Ironman Village Expo at the 2019 edition of the Ironman Hawaii World Championships in Kailua-Kona. We saw plenty of fun stuff, have a look!

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