PRO RIG: Joe Gambles' TriRig Omni Race Rig

Joe Gambles' TriRig Omni Race Rig

Last month, we announced that Joe Gambles would be riding for TriRig this year. Today, we are delighted to show you his complete race rig, in all its glory. Joe is riding the Omni Complete frameset, and he has nearly everything we make. He is cruising with Alpha One aerobars, Omega X brakes, the Delta front cover, Beta rear carrier, Scoops arm cups, and even our Kappa bottle cages; all of these things can be found in the TriRig Store, and we ship worldwide. Joe's rig has been built out to perfection with a Shimano 9170 Di2 drivetrain, a FLO 60/Disc wheelset, and ISM saddle.

Just as with the demo ride we set up for Joe when he was testing out the bike, his race rig was extremely simple to set up. Joe provided some basic fit numbers, and the Alpha One fit calculator made it a breeze to dial in the fit. We slammed his stem, put the Monopost at 5.0, tilted the Dragonfly, dialed in the reach, and Bob's your uncle. Joe is on our newest Gamma 115 extensions, and the updated Dragonfly on his bars, which further aided in making this build so simple.

Now, some disclaimers, and this is where things get interesting. You might notice the fit isn't exactly perfect. In particular, Joe's saddle is obviously on the high side, although still acceptable. Why is that? First of all, the fit numbers Joe sent us are almost five years old. Joe hadn't had time to do a proper fit this season, and didn't have any information about his most recent fit from last year. So his report from 2015 was the best information we had. Moreover, we didn't have any formal fit tools on hand to measure Joe's body angles. And we hadn't planned to do so. This was a simple baseline, that Joe is going to take to his fitter in the near future, and actually get dialed. And yet, despite using such old numbers, and without using any tools whatsoever to validate the fit, we think he looks phenomenal! We wonder if the fitter will deviate too much from this initial setup. He reports being extremely comfortable, and he looks very good as far as aerodynamics are concerned. So it's a perfect marriage. However, there are some extremely talented fitters in the area who have a good grasp on the delicate balance of aerodynamics, comfort, biomechanics, and power, which all contribute to the athlete's performance on race day.

You'll also notice Joe isn't in race kit, and is wearing a beard approaching Moses status. We will check back in with Joe once he has his race kit and a cleaner shave. Until then, check out all the images below, complete with some detailed captions describing the equipment choices And of course, you can get everything Joe is riding for yourself, right now, in the TriRig Store! Thanks for reading.