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Linsey Corbin's Trek Speed Concept

Linsey Corbin's Trek Speed Concept

It's funny. Linsey Corbin isn't generally what you'd call a "gear snob," yet she's been riding some of the slickest bikes that triathlon has to offer. For the last two years, she'd been on some very cool, custom-painted Scott Plasma 3 rigs. But starting in 2012, the Montana native will be with Trek, riding the Speed Concept.

The ride pictured here isn't her race bike - this one is just her training ride, and helping her get acquainted with the bike. Nevertheless, Trek still pimped this one out with a few custom bits, and as a top-of-the-line 9-series bike with SRAM RED gear, it's nothing to scoff at.

Corbin's first stop after getting the bike was to fly out to Boulder to see "fitter of the stars" Mat Steinmetz. Mat brought Linsey's saddle up quite a bit, as Linsey was dropping her heels significantly. He then brought her forward and dropped the bars down to get her in a faster position without compromising hip angle. The two will continue to work to refine the position as the season goes on. If she neets to get any lower, she'll have to look into a certain piece of custom hardware I've heard about :-)