New Cockpit on the Canyon Speedmax SLX

Canyon has just unveiled a new cockpit for their high-end Speedmax SLX which finally brings to production the monoloc prototypes we've seen on Jan Frodeno and Patrick Lange's bikes over the last couple of years. And although the whole system appears to be just one airfoil rising up, it's actually several parts: two sets of risers spaced closely together, and a two-part bottle that sandwiches between them. The new setup also uses a new base bar with a very deep, tri-specific (UCI-illegal) airfoil. The new bottle is made in-house by Canyon, who is no longer partnering with Profile Design on the setup. It snaps together in two main parts, and holds about 720ml of liquid, about the same as one large bottle.

The good news is that the new setup is beautiful, does offer some adjustability, and really makes the bike shine. It even offers tilt, although you have to choose between exactly 0 degrees or exactly 7 degrees of tilt. No other options there. It offers 55mm of stack adjustability - the extension clamps can be on top of the 45mm of available spacers, on the bottom of that stack, or anywhere in-between. And there is a cup mount that offers another 10mm of stack height.

The bad news is that 1) this setup is ONLY available for new bikes, there will not be an upgrade kit for old customers of the Speedmax SLX, and 2) that the adjustment range is somewhat limited, going from 0 to 55mm of stack, less than half the height of many other adjustable aerobar systems. So if you are going for the Speedmax SLX, you'll want to be dead sure you can hit your fit coordinates, and won't be needing to go higher.

Check out the gallery below for lots of shots of this new cockpit. We will be doing an in-depth review of both the Speexmax SLX and its little brother the Speedmax CF, very soon. Stay tuned!