New to Products? Start Here.

Hi everybody. I’m Nick, and I’m the product designer here at TriRig. I’ve been doing this for over twelve years, and I still absolutely love developing these products, finding new solutions, and helping athletes set up their perfect ride.

So I’m going to run you through our most popular products, the things we’re really best known for. And there’s no better place to start than Alpha One.

Alpha One

Alpha One was our answer to all of the complex, bolt-laden, difficult-to-adjust aerobars that had been flooding the market a few years ago. No matter what bar you bought, it was always a struggle to raise or lower the stack height, adjust tilt (if you could even do that at all), and generally if you wanted to adjust one bolt you’d often have to move something else out of the way first, meaning more and more operations.

So the whole concept of Alpha One is to let you do things immediately, simply, and repeatably. Want to set your stack height? No need to get out the box of spacers and bolts, just loosen ONE SCREW, adjust the Monopost, and tighten it again. DONE. Want to add 5 degrees of tilt? Easy, just loosen the two tilt screws, adjust, and retighten. That’s it. Everything is elegant, minimal, and robust. That’s why athletes like Ellie Salthouse go through the trouble of adapting our bars onto an otherwise integrated bike, so she can get the perfect fit and ride, in her own words the “cockpit dreams.”

Scoops Ultimate SL

Sticking with the cockpit theme, let’s take a look at what else is on this aerobar. You’ll notice these aren’t standard arm cups. These are called Scoops Ultimate SL, and they’re the pinnacle of our Scoops lineup. But where most of the Scoops ARE standard cups, these are a fully-integrated solution that hugs your forearm right up to the wrist, where you find an extension clamp. That lets you pick your own shape, angle, and reach, to put the shifter exactly where you want it, at the angle most comfortable to you. There is no other product like it anywhere, and the closest types of integrated solutions come in at much higher price points. We did a full video on all nine varieties of Scoops, linked in the description below. But Scoops Ultimate SL is special, and like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

Omega One

Finally, we go back to where it all started for TriRig, the humble brake caliper. The very first thing we ever made with our logo on it was the TriRig Omega. It was designed to be the first real modern aero brake, hiding within the frontal profile of the frame, and keeping cable routing nice and tidy, while providing absolute powerhouse braking power. Over the years, we refined the design, up to its ultimate conclusion that you see here. This is Omega One: a complete integrated aero form, with a huge range of adjustment and compatibility, while providing both the maximum power and most refined modulation we’ve ever built into a caliper. It’s truly a triumph of engineering, incorporating everything we’ve learned over a decade of brake design. And its brand new little brother, Omega SL, takes those same lessons but puts them on a strict no-carbs diet until it’s just a skeleton of its former self. All the power, none of the weight.


And that’s just the beginning of what we do and what we make. From accessories and hydration products like our Beta rear saddle carrier, to our full-blown Omni bike, we’ve produced a lot of products that surprise, delight, and empower athletes everywhere. If you’ve never seen us before, have a look for yourself at – you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time.