Patrick Lange's Canyon Speedmax SLX

Defending World Champ Patrick Lange has been riding the exceptionally-clean Canyon Speedmax, with the prototype monoriser cockpit (now finally available to the public!). This year, Lange's rig is identical to last year's, with a couple very notable exceptions.

First and most obviously is the beautiful custom paint scheme Canyon has done for Lange, with some very eye-catching and tastefully-judicious metallic chrome accents. The bike looks absolutely brilliant. Second, and a bit more subtle, is the Project 101 modifications to his extensions. Rather than use a separate cup, clamp, and extension, Canyon a 3D scan of Lange's exact position, and created custom part. The custom piece integrates all of the clamp/extension hardware into one fluid shape, which mates perfectly with Lange's arms. This both eliminates any gap between arm and extension, and also acts a a fairing for Lange's arms, turning each one in to more of an airfoil shape. It's absolutely beautiful, and you can see my trying to recreate Lange's grip on the part in the gallery below.

Aside from the Project 101 extension, everything on Lange's bike is a stock setup. It has some very high-end equipment choices like the SRM crank, Di2 group, and CeramicSpeed pulley wheels. But the whole setup is very straightforward and clean. Definitely a slick rig.]