PRO RIG - Chris McCormack's Specialized Shiv

PRO RIG - Chris McCormack's Specialized Shiv
I love the color scheme on Macca's new Shiv. The laserbeam-red accents on the frame stand in stack contrast to the green Zipp logos. With the bike in motion, the spinning wheels stand out and look beautiful.
Chris McCormack is ready to make some fireworks. After taking a hiatus from Ironman to focus on an unsuccessful Olympic bid, the two-time Ironman champ is back with a vengence. What's amazing from an equipment perspective is the fact that his main rival, Craig Alexander, is now riding the same bike he is. Although the two have some different choices in wheels, aerobars, and drivetrains, they'll be on the same Specialized Shiv chassis, reducing any potential equipment-related aerodynamic advantages. For the last five years, one of these two men has won Ironman Hawaii. They've shut out everyone else. And now they're back, both on their Shivs, ready to blow up the field. This should be interesting, to say the least.