PRO RIG - Linsey Corbin's Scott Plasma 3

PRO RIG - Linsey Corbin's Scott Plasma 3
  • Scott Plasma 3
  • Custom Paint
  • Sram RED
  • Visiontech Aerobars
  • Adamo Race saddle
  • Zipp 343 clinchers

Linsey Corbin was one of the first pros in the sport of triathlon to ride the new Scott Plasma 3, and to accentuate how special she is, Scott made her a one-of-a-kind paint scheme that she would get to ride in Kona. Linsey reported that she "didn't want anything too sleek. So many of the tri bikes out there just have really precise lines, and I didn't want that. I just wanted something more personal." That's definitely what she got; the look of her custom Plasma 3 is striking and memorable.

We caught up with Corbin at Retul studios in Boulder, Colorado, where she came in for a bike fit with Mat Steinmetz.

All Smiles

No doubt whose machine this is.


Corbin is known for her explosive entry into the tri world, cracking a top-five finish at her first outing in Kona. What she's also known for is her boisterous personality, which is no myth - she's typically beaming from ear to ear. And she's highly approachable - only too happy to chat about anything from technical details of the triathlon world to what color she's going to paint her nails for Kona. (Incidentally, we DID chat with her about her nails in Hawaii, but our video was corrupted. Next year, Linsey, you'll have to top the atomic orange nails!)