Boulder Peak: Race Gallery

Race Gallery

The pro women's bike rack. I don't think it's a coincidence that virtually every bike on the rack has Zipp hoops. The Indiana-based wheel manufacturer is a big supporter of pro women, which is awesome to see.

The Boulder Peak Triathlon, now officially the Boulder 5150, is one of the most storied and beloved triathlons out there. As an Olympic-distance non-drafting race, it doesn't draw quite as much press as some of the bigger events in the sport, especially with the growing popularity of the 70.3 distance. But the race is always a fun one to watch, and the 2012 edition was no different. We went out there to see all the lust-worthy gear, and do what we do best with photography. The gallery has been supersized for your viewing pleasure. On the men's side, Cameron Dye dropped previous winner Matty Reed (and the rest of the field for that matter), cruising into T2 on his lovely orange Kestrel 4000 for a decisive win. On the women's side, Laura Bennett stormed to victory on her brand new BMC TMR01 road bike, equipped ITU-style with drop bars and shorty clip-ons. Enjoy the photos!