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Review: Orbea Ordu OMP

Review: Orbea Ordu OMP

Full disclosure: I really love the new Orbea Ordu OMP, and I have a bit of a bias to love it. Orbea approached TriRig a couple of years ago and said they wanted to design their next tri bike specifically with our Omega brakes in mind. We shared the design specs with the Spanish brand, knowing they were going to design the bike, from the fork blades back, to be a perfect aero match with our product. They designed the rear fork for the brakes as well, mounting them in a traditional seatstay position, with a custom-built cable stop that allows bare cable to come out the back of the seat tube and straight into the rear brake. So I love that the bike was designed with our brakes in mind. But beyond that, I didn't know anything about the design of the bike until it was released to the public. I wasn't part of the development process beyond providing the design specs for the Omega X, and I never saw the bike until it was launched. So there's my full disclosure.

All that said, I really and truly love this bike. It abandons all the strange tube shapes and aesthetic quirks of Orbea models past, and embraces modern aero design in a complete and unqualified way. Only a few other brands have gone all-in this way, most still cling to some kind of aesthetic flourishes that trade good design for a distinctive look. I'm really glad to see Orbea finally design a bike like this. The Ordu OMP uses best-in-class design everywhere, and does so in a particularly good-looking package.

Let's take a good look at this bike, from tip to tail.