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Review: TorHans AeroZ BTA Bottle

Review: TorHans AeroZ BTA Bottle

The AeroZ is an excellent BTA solution, seen here on my Cervelo P2.

The AeroZ is a smart new BTA product from TorHans. The company that originally got its start in the aerobar-mounted hydration space has taken shots elsewhere on the bike, delivering some awesome products in the VR bottle (for the down tube) and the AeroBento top tube storage box. But now they've returned to the aerobar space, with a very smart BTA solution that more closely mimics the function and aerodynamics of a true Between-The-Arms bottle, but works with their existing mounting hardware. This last feature is both helpful for those who already have TorHans systems, and a limitation to those who want the flexibility to ever use a standard bottle up front. But what the AeroZ gives up in terms of that flexibility, it makes up for in features. The refill port on top is easy to use and totally splash-free. The unique gravity-fed mechanism works really well, and lets you drink to the last drop on this bottle (something other BTA solutions sometimes can't do). The straw sits in position via a magnet, which also lets you change the position or orientation to better suit your preferences and setup. Overall, it's an awesome solution, as long as you're willing to commit to using the TorHans-specific mount. Personally. I find myself wanting the flexibility of a standard bottle at times. What would be *really* cool is if TorHans could come up with a standard bottle cage that could also fit this bottle, but I don't even know if that's possible.