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Review: XLAB Storage Systems

Review: XLAB Storage Systems

Mini Cage Pod, Mezzo Cage Pod » The Mini Cage Pod and Mezzo Cage Pod are XLAB's refinement on the DIY solution of storing a flat kit in a bottle cage. Each has a solid lid rather than a standard spout. They also each come with a microfleece bag to help keep contents from rattling. I really like these as a storage solution, provided you don't need to use a saddle-mounted cage for hydration (for aerodynamic reasons, I prefer a single bottle rather than two behind the saddle).

XLAB may be the most prolific seller of aftermarket hydration and storage solutions, along with competitor Profile Design. Although they originally focused on saddle-mounted hydration systems, the company has expanded to BTA hydration systems, top tube storage, and more. One of their products, the Gorilla XT bottle cage, is our go-to pick for use everywhere on the bike, but particularly for saddle-mounted hydration. It's simply the best cage there is in terms of bottle retention and anti-launch properties. Today we take a look at several of XLAB's current lineup of products, and what they have to offer for triathletes. Enjoy!