Rudy Project Revenge Review

Rudy Project Revenge Review

Like many bits of triathlon equipment, sunglasses are a very personal affair. But more than just being personal in terms of fit, they're also in large part a matter of taste. If you've been in this sport for very long, you've likely been told by people outside the sport that any shield-type shades (like Oakley's M-Frame or Radar) make you look like a robot. But people inside the sport may have complimented them. Again, it's a matter of taste.

And even among those of us who enjoy our robot-esque sunglasses, opinions can vary widely on what constitutes a good pair. I've long been a fan of single-piece shield lenses, and a solid, snug-fitting frame. I like wild colors and aggressive styling. For triathlon, I particularly like rimless shades (top and bottom) for better visibility. But I'm willing to compromise a bit depending on how much I like the look of the shades (yeah, I have sunglasses vanity, so sue me).

With those things in mind, I'm happy to show you the new sports frame from Rudy Project, called the Revenge. The Revenge is a new shield-type pair with a lot going for it. It's a single, continuous lens with no bottom rim, which increases visibility, especially when looking behind you to watch for cars. Personally, I never ride with rimmed shades anymore for this reason. The lens isn't as tall as some other shield-type designs out there, and this one is probably best-suited to smaller faces. I have a medium-large head, and so the Revenge looks a little small on me. Of course, this is a matter of opinion. But I do prefer a bit more coverage from a sport-type pair of shades.

The Revenge would be good for medium-sized faces, and almost looks small on my medium-large head.
The shades come in three different frame colors, with several lens options. This isn't the cornucopia of offerings from some of the larger brands, but wild colors like MultiLaser Green and MultiLaser Purple will definitely satisfy those looking for something different. Optical quality is very good, on par with most high-end shades on the market today.

The shades feature the same adjustable nose piece found on many Rudy sport frames. I find them to be definitely usable, though I usually prefer a fixed nosepiece, which usually has a slightly more snug fit. This again is a matter of taste. Also, because it's a smaller frame and does have a rim on top, this isn't my preferred type of frame for riding in aero. I end up staring up at the top rim instead of the road. But if your position is more relaxed, or you're on a road bike, you might not have this problem. I'm interested to see Rudy's new Hypermask, which is rimless all around, and better suited for riding in aero. For now, know that the Revenge is a good choice for smaller faces, especially if you like Rudy's design language and the nosepiece fit system.