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Service Course: Pat Evoe's Blue Triad SL

Service Course: Pat Evoe's Blue Triad SL

Pat Evoe, happy with his new rig.

After Service Course » Our work included adding dual TriRig Omega brakes, custom Di2 splicing and re-routing, custom top tube bosses, custom-cut TorHans AeroBento Bottle, and hiding as much as possible from the wind (including the Di2 A junction, which now sits inside the AeroBento. The snow was coming down hard when we shot, making for some pretty interesting pictures of the Triad SL, all covered in flakes and drops.

Recently, pro triathlete and IM Louisville winner Pat Evoe came to TriRig HQ for a bit of Service Course work on his Blue Triad SL. Specifically, we were tasked with cleaning up his front end, and installing a pair of Omega brakes onto his bike (Omega Standard up front, Omega SV in back). As we've done in the past on Andy Potts' rigs, we got down and dirty with the Di2 wiring, doing some custom splicing and re-soldering of the cables, in order to reduce the exposure of the wires to the wind, and simplify the routing. We also added a custom-cut TorHans AeroBento box just aft of the stem, which also required adding custom top tube bosses on the frame. The rest of the work was pretty straightforward - have a look at the bike for more details. Best of luck, Pat!