Styx Aero Skewers

  • Aero shaped end caps,
    minimal aero profile

  • Aero shaped end caps,
    minimal aero profile

  • TC4 Titanium Construction,
    light and durable

  • Subtle styling with a
    beautiful gunmetal finish

  • Locking tab means
    no fork damage

  • Styx Aero Skewers
    the perfect upgrade

  • New Torx T25 head,
    with wrench included
  • Styx Aero Skewers
    Set of two


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  • Now improved and updated with Torx T25 head; high-quality T25 wrench included.
  • Bolt-on Aero Skewers save 3-4 Watts per set
  • Simple, elegant, aerodynamic design
  • All-titanium construction
  • Dual orientation locks protect your fork
  • Works with standard road hubs (100mm front spacing, 130/131mm rear spacing)
  • Not compatible with thru-axle hubs or disc brake hubs
  • 45g per pair, saves over 100g compared to standard skewers.
  • Compatible with a dropout outer face stance width of up to 117mm (front) or 152mm (rear), measured with a wheel in place. Most tri, tt, and road bikes have no problem, it is mostly a concern for some specialty aftermarket forks with extra-thick dropouts (generally, larger than 6mm thick).
  • Torque spec for skewers is typically set by the hub manufacturer. 6 Nm is usually safe, but be sure to consult your hub manufacturer, and check torque periodically between rides. Also, the wrench hole is relatively shallow, so ensure you are pushing INTO the bolt as you torque, to avoid cam out.

The humble skewer is one of the most overlooked components on the market. This simple device, tasked with keeping your wheels in their fork dropouts, is often an afterthought for bicycle makers, wheel manufacturers, and consumers alike. And yet, they are ripe for aero improvement. Standard quick-release