The Custom Cervelo P-Series of Jeff Bosch

This is easily the most beautiful Cervelo P-Series we have ever seen. You might be forgiven for thinking it's one of Cervelo's more integrated offerings like the P5 or the PX. But in fact, this is the more flexible P-Series, with standard interfaces. But owner Jeff Bosch tricked out his rig with all kinds of TriRig goodies, including our Alpha One bars and Delta front cover. Then he brought it all together with a custom paint scheme, and the result is quite stunning.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what Jeff himself has to say:

"The Pandemic" (build & writeup by Jeff Bosch)

After a few years of what seemed like local bike shops not understanding (or caring) about the multisport community here in Utah, a friend of mine decided to open up The Hive Bicycle Shop located in the south-end of the Salt Lake valley. After some coaxing my good friend Rory Duckworth welcomed me in to assist and manage operations of the newly formed shop. I've always been fascinated by the all things triathlon and the ever-changing landscape of the triathlon bikes. I had long coveted a Cervelo P5 but being located here in Utah I had put off moving to a new bike until I could fully transition to disc brakes. **I can hear the slowtwich uproar as I type**

Enter the, then, new Cervelo P5 Disc. I started saving my pennies and planning around how exactly I would want my build to come together. Just around the same time I nearly started acquiring the frame and components, I had a "lightbulb moment". The P5 Disc had everything I wanted, except for a tilt adjustable aerobar system, damn!

Enter TriRig, I've always liked the brand, and VERY nearly bought some of their bars and the OmegaX brake for my 2014 Cervelo P3 a few years back. I figured with the help from my good friend Pat from PeakStateFit, why not build up a "budget" P-Series with Alpha One Bars from TriRig?

Look. I work at a bike shop. I want something that's one of a kind. And my girlfriend (maybe wife by the time this is published -- love you babe!) just started playing around doing custom vinyl wraps on bikes (Custom Cycling Conversions). And like that I found myself budgeting out ramen for dinner...

So here we are with my new Cervelo P-Series which I have since aptly named "The Pandemic". I can say that every part of the build I scrutinized over and I couldn't be any more proud/happy about the end product.

And here's the full breakdown of the bike specs:

The Custom Cervelo P-Series of Jeff Bosch
  • Cervelo P-Series (Size 51)
  • TriRig Alpha One Aerobars
  • TriRig Closed Back Scoops
  • TriRig Gamma One Extensions
  • TriRig Delta Aero Cover
  • Rotor ALDHU w/ 155mm Crank, w/ Powermeter, Aero Q 53/39
  • CeramicSpeed PF4630 Coated
  • Ceramic Speed Coated OSPW
  • Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9150/9170, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 11-30 Cassette
  • ENVE 7.8 Wheels, Chris King Ceramic Hubs
  • ENVE Disc Disc Rear (Not Shown)
  • Continental GP5000 TL
  • Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Pedals
  • Custom Cycling Conversions Custom Yellow/Black Vinyl Wrap

The Custom Cervelo P-Series of Jeff Bosch Why TriRig? I've always loved their products and lusted after their design characteristics. I can honestly say I love everything about the bars. From the texture on the ends of the bars, the assembly process, and even the packaging. Also they are so crazy easy to adjust! The closed back scoops and gamma one extensions are stupid comfortable, and feel so secure. Adding the delta to the front end really cleaned up the bike and provided mass confusion around people seeing the bike for the first time (its a P5 Disc, wait no its not!). Cutting to size was simple, and a much easier process than I could have ever imagined.

Why Rotor? Their US office is local to me here in Salt Lake. The guys are great to work with and for me, a long time rider of QRings, the aesthetics of the properly paired InSpider power meter sealed the deal. Also, I loved the ability to move to shorter cranks with the 155's, historically I rode 165's.

Why CeramicSpeed? Large reputable brand, yes the stuff is expensive, but they stand by their warranty, and being pretty meticulous about servicing my own bike it made the bottom bracket a no brainer.

Why Shimano? Honestly, I was very tempted to move to Sram AXS, like I still sometimes doubt myself. I knew after my first ride on this bike the syncro shift was a game changer. I don't know how I could ever go back to mechanical.

Why Enve? Again a local Utah company. Again a great warranty. While Zipps NSW's have some "wow" factor, the ability to run tubeless tipped the scales.

While COVID-19 has really thrown a serious wrench into everyone's life and race plan., I am choosing to self assign a silver lining that it allows me extra time to try and get the right fitness to try and do the bike some justice. Thanks for the feature, I'm so excited to see what TriRig has in the works, I'm sure it will end up on my bike, sooner rather than later!