Shootout: Theragun, TimTam, Percussive Massagers

Theragun, TimTam, Percussive Massagers

The first time I saw a Theragun was on a trade show floor. The Theragun folks were showing off a very high-priced massaging tool, and I didn't really pay attention. They wanted several hundred dollars for what is essentially a jigsaw with a rubber tip. Or so I thought. Years later, they have become a force of nature in the high-end massage gadget space, and when I finally got around to testing one, I was floored. It's surprisingly effective, and a very polished product. But how did this extremely expensive massager compare to similar offerings? And can any of these things justify their very high price? That's what this review is all about.

I began my quest in this space with the home-brew tool variety - an actual jigsaw, with a rubber tip. I then stuck my toe in the water with a slightly higher-priced version made by TimTam. And finally, the good folks at Theragun sent me their latest massager, the $600 G3PRO, to test out. We will look at the lower-tier options first, and then dig in to the Theragun. Spoiler alert: the Theragun is head and shoulders above the competition. There's a reason it's more expensive. Does that mean you should shell out for it? After all, that kind of cash can buy you many months worth of massages by a trained professional.

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