Unboxing: TriRig Scoops Armcups

Scoops are finally here! When we showed off the 3D-printed prototypes earlier this year, there was an immediate call for us to go to production. Cue the Futurama meme flooding our facebook feed. Cue the endless emails from every corner of the globe asking for special treatment and early purchases. And lest it sound like I'm complaining, I'm thrilled about that stuff. There is a LOT to love about these special cups, and our dear readers understood it! That's the best we can hope for, and we worked as hard as possible to make these cups a reality. Production is complete, and Scoops are now shipping! If you've ordered, please rest assured we will get your cups to you as fast as possible. If you haven't heard about them, or you're on the fence, head to the TriRig store to read all about them and purchase your own.