What's the V1?

Just a quick note today going over an aspect of our Alpha One aerobars that has caused a little bit of confusion.

The heart of the Alpha One is the Dragonfly. It’s the part right above the Monopost. And it's responsible for clamping the extensions, mounting your arm cups, and it has a curved bottom surface to allow for the wonderful continuous tilt and stack adjustment that makes Alpha One so great.

But what not everyone knows is that there are actually THREE VERSIONS of this piece.

The one with extension clamps is the default version that ships with every Alpha One sold. And for the majority of setups, this is what you’ll want. We call this the “A1” Dragonfly.

Over here, we have the other two versions, which we call the “V1” and the “V2.” These are meant for use with our Scoops Ultimate arm cups, or any other integrated arm cup/extension combination, for which you wouldn’t want to have separate extension clamps. The “V1” Dragonfly, right here, lops off the extension clamps, but keeps the BTA mounting bolts, so you can still easily mount a bottle cage, our 3-in-1 Polymount, or other accessories. The “V2” Dragonfly also eliminates the BTA mount, for the most minimal setups, great for time trialing or setups where you might just want your arms completely together with no bottle at all.

So the A1, the V1, and the V2. They all have the same tilt range, same function, it’s just the clamps and BTA mount that change. I hope the video above helps clear things up, and to check out our full range of products, head to TriRig.com