Wingspan: Secret Bestseller?

What you're looking at above are our Wingspan Extender Plates. They’re one of our least known … and yet most popular products. How is that even possible? Let’s take a look.

Wingspan was originally designed as a way to modify your pad stance width, offering inboard and outboard adjustment to either get your cups either much wider, or all the way in and touching. Sometimes a customer will come to us after a bike fit and find that they want a little bit more movement in or out, they often turn to the Wingspan.

But what’s made these things a bit of an underground cult classic, is that you can actually turn them 90 degrees, like this …

and then they offer you adjustability in the direction of reach! It turns out that there’s a modern trend of testing and riding very very long positions. This kind of thing was originally made popular by guys like Chris Boardman and Graeme Obree in track cycling, and it’s recently experienced a bit of a resurgence in triathlon. Not necessarily quite as stretched out as those original Superman positions, but still a fair ways farther than what you’d call orthodox bike fit.

And it turns out that there are very few ways to accomplish that position with stock hardware. TriRig’s series of extra long Scoops arm cups, plus these Wingspan extenders, are one of the only ways to go, and in our opinion probably the most elegant and effective. Whether you want to test out long positions, wide positions, narrow positions, you name it, this little plate and our arm cups will get you there.

Get yours now in the TriRig Store. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time.