Dash Cycles TT9 Saddle Review
You should know by now that I love Dash Cycles. Whenever they tell me they have a new product coming, one of my eyebrows goes up. When they tell me it's a tri product, both eyebrows go up. Last month,...
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Xpedo Thrust 8 Pedals Review
The pedal landscape is certainly an interesting one. Despite the de-facto hegemony of the established players - namely Look, Shimano, Speedplay, and Time - several new manufacturers are coming into the game trying to get a piece of the action....
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FLO Cycling Wheelset Review
(If you just want to skip ahead, the VIDEO IS ON PAGE TWO.) For quite a number of years, aerodynamic bicycle wheels have been sharply divided into two categories: smart-and-expensive wheels, and dumb-but-cheap. The descriptors "smart" and "dumb" here refer to...
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